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What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating has now become the preferred form of space heating within the UK due to its increased efficiency and even thermal comfort. Underfloor heating systems work by distributing lower temperature warm water through a network of pipe work within the floor construction and beneath the finished floor level, this heat is carefully monitored and controlled by an advanced range of modern room thermostats to keep a constant ambient temperature throughout the property & individually for each zone.

Underfloor heating is now a complete solution for both existing and new construction homes, with a selection of systems to suit all scenarios; suspended floors, floating floors, low profile over floor and screed applications.

Warm Board

The next generation of underfloor heating

The revolutionary WARM-BOARD systems utilises a 15mm or an 18mm high density dry screed board which acts as a heat conducting surface transferring the heat from the pipes to the heated floor above.

With its low build up height and ease of installation WARM-BOARD is ideal for most underfloor heating scenarios. WARMBOARD is suitable for all floor coverings.


Warm Board Features

WARM-BOARD Easy Installation

Installing Warm Board underfloor heating