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Aluminium heat diffusion plate & grooved insulation

Heat Plates utilises high compressive strength extruded polystyrene insulation, with highly efficient aluminium Heat Plates. This acts as a heat conducting surface to transfer the heat from the pipes to the finished floor above. Floating Heat Plates are available in 30mm. Floating Heat Plates are suitable for wood floor coverings fitted directly and carpets with a 22mm Chipboard.

Features & benefits

  • Provides ready-made pipe securing and spacing using pre grooved insulated boards
  • Heat Emission Plates available in single or double size format for 16mm pipe
  • Can be installed on top of existing floors in new build and retrofit applications
  • Typical outputs up to 85.8 w/m2*
  • (WxLxD) 1200mm x 600mm x 30mm
Flow Temp °C Finished floor covering
Tile / 6mm Ply 6mm Ply / Carpet 1.5 Tog
Floor Heat Output w/m2
55/50 85.8 69.9
50/45 74.2 60.4
45/40 61.4 49.8
40/35 49.8 40.2
Floating Heat Plate Install Guide


A full floating floor solution, for use on both suspended and concrete floors

Pipe Suitability