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RAPID CLIP PLATE No fixings or staples

RAPID Clip Plate is a quick and simple system to install. The main benefit of the system is the ready made pipe spacing and pipe retaining fixings. Pipes can be spaced as little as 50mm apart, with spacings increasing in multiples of 50mm, giving flexibility to the pipe centres of your project.

Features & benefits

  • Provides ready-made pipe securing & spacing’s
  • Can be used with traditional & liquid screeds
  • Suitable for all pipe work layouts
  • Good for large regular shaped areas
  • Can be installed over alternative surfaces
  • Degree of protection from foot traffic whilst screed is being laid
  • Typical outputs up to 122 w/m2*
  • (WxL) 1450mm x 850mm
Flow Temp °C Finished floor covering
Tile / 6mm Ply Wood Floor 6mm Ply / Carpet 1.5 Tog
Floor Heat Output w/m2
55/50 122 76 66
50/45 97 61 53
45/40 73 46 40
40/35 48 30 26


Suitable for screed systems when an insulation board is present.

Pipe Suitability