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"FIT FROM BELOW" Spreader Plate
Aluminium heat diffusion plate

Fit from below Heat Plates remove the need to lift the floor boards. 100mm wide with single channel grooves fit from below Heat Plates offer the same heat outputs as regular Heat Plates.

Features & benefits

  • Installs within timber joists
  • Suitable for multiple centre joist spacing’s
  • Insulation barrier ensures heat is emitted upwards
  • Plates available in single format
  • Typical output up to 81W/m2
  • (WxL) 1000mm x 100mm for 16mm pipe
Flow Temp °C Finished floor covering
Tile / 6mm Ply 6mm Ply / Carpet 1.5 Tog
Floor Heat Output w/m2
55/50 81 66
50/45 70 57
45/40 58 47
40/35 47 38


A full suspended floor solution, for use on both suspended and concrete floors.

Pipe Suitability